I want to Thank the members who took time out of their day Sunday to attend the meeting to discuss the upcoming new season in the fall. I would also like to apologize for it getting a little out of hand, unfortunately this happens at every meeting when you get a bunch of members all at once. We have listened to what was said from you all and we are trying to please you all. I'm not sure this is going to happen but we are at least trying. As of right now number 4 of the proposals that were handed out has been voted on and accepted by majority vote however I have also given the members a week to come up with ideas of possibly tweaking the proposal a little to fit all. Our next Board meeting will be at Turf's Tuesday May 31st at 6:30. Regardless of any possible changes that may be made a final decision will be set in stone so we can work on the start of next season. Anyone who would like to attend the meeting is more than welcome. Here is the accepted proposal as it stands at the moment for for all of you to see
Option 4

Sponsor Team
A Division
Turf's Cmon Man
Turf's Mainers
Turf's Wheres Turtle?
Profenno's Write It Down
B Division
Time Out Sports Pub Coming @ You
Turf's Logans Flight
Stockhouse No Chance in Hell
Stockhouse Old School Hippies
Maine Street Grill Top Shelf
Profenno's What What ??
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Turf's Bad Company
Loyal Order Of The Moose Cereal Killers
Stockhouse Cork This II
Profenno's High Flyers
Profenno's House Of M
Howie's Pub Old & New
Stockhouse Red Eyes
Howie's Pub Smoke Or Be Smoked
D Division
Woodford's VFW A Ton Of Bull
Profenno's Dart Vaders
Profenno's Night Flights
RJ's Pub Shots R Us
Woodford's VFW The Grunts
Stockhouse USN ATC